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        Copyright 2005

We are universal beings, beaming light into the darkness. More than a balancing act, we perform the magick of embracing, containing, encompassing and knowing the One. Separation and dualistic thinking dissolve as we explore the spectrum of age, gender, identity, and spiritual pathway. Join in this communion. See the unique threads of Self blend. Build the ecstatic body of Us, the One, our Community, God and Goddess.

Keynote Presenter:

Marylyn Motherbear Scott

Other Presenters include:

    Star Cravingmad, Antonia Lamb, Terrie Wolfe-Lee, Lucera Love

November 6th, 7th, & 8th 2009

Join Us where the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine meet.


Location:   Isis Oasis , Geyserville, CA


Journey - to a Place of Personal Power
     Experience - What You Will
         Discover - Exquisite Grace

Make it so! And so it is!

Two as One, God and Goddess Gather Together, offers the creative edge of Wisdom in the ancient tradition of the Mystery School. Join us and be welcomed into the Two as One community of returning Initiates. Benefit from the Wisdom Teachings of our spiritual, creative, professional presenters. Enjoy workshops, rituals and the communion of like-minded people. Each year's theme unfolds and reflects the bigger cosmic picture by staying profoundly rooted in the personal. We work, play, pamper ourselves and each other, build energy together, and honor the essence of our transformation in a beautiful Initiation Ceremony. Come and co-create this intimate weekend of groundbreaking Spiritual and Personal Growth on the Ecstatic Edge.


This year, celebrate Samhain at Two as One

Halloween is celebrated in diverse cultures all over the world. It is called the Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, Festival of Hungry Ghosts, the Feast of the Wandering Soul, and Samhain. It is the time when Spirits both dread and fantastical come out to play, the time when those who have passed might roam the earth for but a day and a night! It is time to offer the nourishment of our heart song to those who have passed... when we might feel, more intimately, the spirit of our beloved dead. In a real sense we, bring the offerings of those beloved ones into Presence. We bring them forth in our minds, our spirits, the body incarnate, into the Now.

Sing with Spirit! Dance on the ecstatic edge! Experience what you Know and what is Mystery — the Mystery of Spirit and of Divinity! Join us at this sacred time, to celebrate the divine feminine and the divine masculine within each of us and as it is expressed in the world —Two as One.

Two As One offers workshops by seasoned presenters, rituals, performance, good food and good company at a beautiful and sacred retreat center with comfortable lodging, pool and jacuzzi!